Appetizers & Small Bites

HQ Signature Shrimp & Calamari
Crispy shrimp & calamari tossed in our HQ sauce. / 12.99

Crispy Cheesesteak Dumplings
Shaved sirloin, sautéed onion, roasted peppers, three cheese blend. Served with Guinness cheese sauce. / 7.99

Blackened Steak Bites
Pan seared sirloin, homemade chips, chopped scallions. Served with horseradish aioli. / 11.99

Spinach Artichoke Dip
Fresh spinach, chopped artichoke, mozzarella cheese, grated parmesan cheese. Served with tortilla chips. / 11.99

Crispy Pork Spring Rolls
Marinated ground pork, fresh garlic, carrots, cabbage, scallions. Served with sweet chili sauce. / 7.99

Parmesan Encrusted Bavarian Pretzel Sticks
Three jumbo pretzel sticks encrusted with parmesan cheese. Served with Guinness cheese sauce. / 6.99

Mozzarella Medallions
Lightly breaded homemade smoked mozzarella. Served with marinara sauce. / 8.99

Ultimate Braised Pork Nachos
Pulled pork, corn tortilla chips, caramelized onion, cheddar jack cheese, fresh jalapeño, pico de gallo, Guinness cheese sauce. / 9.99

Fried Pickles
Panko battered homemade pickles. Served with roasted garlic cream sauce. / 5.99

Roasted Garlic Truffle Edamame
Steamed edamame, roasted garlic oil, white truffle oil drizzle. / 6.99

Chicken Quesadilla
Grilled marinated chicken, cheddar jack cheese, roasted peppers, sautéed onion, wheat tortilla. Served with pico de gallo and sour cream. / 8.99

Roasted Garlic Hummus
Grilled pita, celery sticks. / 6.99

Buffalo Chicken Sliders
Buttermilk battered chicken, homemade buffalo sauce, blue cheese dressing. / 7.99

All Beef Sliders
Premium Angus sliders, American cheese, sautéed onion. / 8.99

Pulled Pork Sliders
Barbecue pulled pork, apple cucumber slaw, frizzled onions. / 6.99

Pick 3 / 7.99

  • Cilantro Lime Chicken – pico de gallo & spicy mayo.
  • Korean Barbecue Beef – apple cucumber slaw, sweet & spicy lemon dressing.
  • Slow Braised Pulled Pork – pico de gallo, salsa verde.


Smoked HQ Wings 
Smoked, then lightly fried. Fall off the bone tender!

Bone-In  9.99 / 17.99 / 25.99
Boneless 7.99 / 15.99 / 23.99

Homemade Sauces
HQ Signature
Spicy Chipotle Barbecue
Creamy Roasted Garlic Parmesan
Mango Jalapeño
Buffalo Medium
Buffalo Hot
HQ Signature Barbecue
Honey Hot

Dry Rubs
Lemon Pepper
Sweet Chili
Kickin’ Cajun

Field of Greens

Ray’s Taco Steak Salad *
Blackened steak bites, spring mix, cheddar jack cheese, pico de gallo, bacon, sour cream, salsa verde, crispy tortilla, cilantro lime ranch. / 12.99

Chicken Caesar Salad *
Grilled chicken, romaine, homemade croutons, shaved parmesan cheese, homemade Caesar dressing. / 10.99

Southwest Crispy Chicken Salad
Buttermilk battered chicken, spring mix, bacon, cheddar jack cheese, frizzled onions, tortilla strips, homemade BBQ Ranch. / 11.99

Mango Apple Cucumber
Grilled shrimp, romaine, cucumber, apple, mango, shaved parmesan cheese, candied almonds, sweet mango citrus vinaigrette. / 13.99

House Salad
Romaine, lettuce, tomato, onion, your choice of dressing. / 4.99


All burgers are half pound Angus, served with hand cut french fries.

Classic Burger *
Lettuce, tomato, onion. / 9.99 · Add Cheese or Bacon / 1

Truffle Mushroom Swiss *
Frizzled onions, sautéed mushrooms, lettuce, Swiss cheese, white truffle oil. / 12.99

East Coast Breakfast Burger *
Pork roll, bacon, cheddar cheese, sunny side up egg. / 12.99

Barbecue Bacon *
Bacon, homemade fried pickles, lettuce, pepper jack cheese, HQ signature barbecue sauce. / 12.99

California Chicken Burger
Fresh ground chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, pepper jack cheese. / 9.99


All served with hand cut french fries.

Philly Cheesesteak *
Shaved sirloin or chicken, sautéed onions and mushrooms, provolone cheese. / 11.99

Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwich
Barbecue pork, apple cucumber slaw, frizzled onions, cheddar cheese. / 9.99

Buttermilk Battered Chicken Sandwich
Buttermilk battered chicken, spring mix, tomato, provolone cheese, homemade honey mustard. / 9.99

The Super Hero
Chicken cheesesteak, chicken fingers, mozzarella medallions, American cheese, french fries, marinara. / 11.99

Fresh Baked Pizza

Made with homemade sauce and hand tossed dough.

Classic Pizza
Shredded mozzarella cheese, grated parmesan cheese. / 10.99

Smoked Margherita
Fresh smoked mozzarella, basil, tomato. / 11.99

HQ Signature Chicken Pizza
Buttermilk battered chicken tossed in HQ signature sauce, mozzarella cheese, frizzled onions. / 13.99

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Buttermilk battered chicken tossed in homemade buffalo sauce, mozzarella cheese, ranch dressing, scallions. / 13.99

Breakfast Pizza *
Pork roll, bacon, sunny side up eggs, mozzarella cheese, and ranch. / 12.99

Spinach Artichoke Pizza
Homemade spinach & artichoke dip, mozzarella cheese. / 13.99

Big Plates

Cilantro Lime Chicken
Marinated grilled chicken, avocado, salsa verde, sautéed asparagus, southwest rice. / 15.99

Caramelized Miso Glazed Salmon *
Pan seared salmon, honey miso glaze, garlic fried rice, sautéed asparagus. / 19.99

Slow Smoked Baby Back Ribs
Half / 14.99 Full / 19.99
Hickory smoked ribs, HQ signature barbecue sauce, french fries, apple cucumber slaw.

Pan Seared New York Strip *
10oz New York Strip, fresh lemon garlic herb butter, charred brussels sprouts, crispy garlic potatoes. / 22.99

Chipotle Chicken Mac & Cheese
Marinated chicken, bacon, sautéed mushroom, penne pasta, chipotle cheese sauce. / 14.99

Crispy Chicken Tenders
Buttermilk battered chicken, french fries, homemade honey mustard. / 9.99

Fish and Chips
Guinness battered cod, french fries, malt vinegar, tartar sauce. / 14.99


Hand Cut Fries / 4

Charred Brussels Sprouts / 6

Sweet Potato Fries / 5

Sautéed Asparagus / 6

Crispy Garlic Potatoes / 5

Onion Rings / 4


Grandma’s Donuts
Homemade donut holes filled with Nutella and chopped hazelnuts. / 7

Deep fried flour tortilla filled with marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, chocolate drizzle. / 7

Cheesecake Cookie Pie
Homemade chocolate chip cookie dough and cheesecake baked together, served with vanilla ice cream. / 7

Half Baked Brownie
Warm brownie, salted caramel ice cream, chocolate, caramel, whipped cream. / 8

Apple Pie Roll
Warm apple pie wrapped in soy paper, graham cracker crumble, vanilla ice cream, caramel drizzle. / 8


Sushi (2 Pieces) *
Tuna / 5.99
Yellowtail / 5.99
Salmon / 4.99
Smoked Salmon / 5.99
Shrimp / 5.99
Eel / 5.99

Sashimi (2 Pieces) *
Tuna / 5.99
Yellowtail / 5.99
Salmon / 4.99
Smoked Salmon / 5.99
Shrimp / 5.99

Traditional Rolls *
California Roll Crab stick, cucumber, avocado. / 5.99
Spicy Tuna Spicy tuna with tempura crunch. / 7.99
Spicy Yellowtail Spicy yellowtail with tempura crunch. / 7.99
Spicy Shrimp Spicy shrimp with tempura crunch. / 7.99
Spicy Salmon Spicy salmon with tempura crunch. / 6.99
Eel Cucumber Eel, cucumber, eel sauce. / 7.99
Shrimp Tempura Tempura battered shrimp, cucumber, eel sauce. / 8.99
Spider Roll Tempura battered soft shell crab with eel sauce. / 9.99
Rainbow Roll Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, avocado on top of a California roll. / 10.99
Dragon Roll Eel and cucumber topped with avocado. Finished with eel sauce. / 10.99
Vegetable Roll Avocado, cucumber, asparagus. / 5.99
Philly Roll Smoked salmon, cream cheese. / 6.99
Alaskan Roll Salmon, cucumber, avocado. / 6.99
Tuna Avocado Roll Tuna, avocado. / 7.99

Tuna Pizza Crispy tortilla, spicy tuna, avocado, tobiko, tempura crunch, spicy mayo, and eel sauce. / 9.99

Specialty Rolls *
Surf and Turf * Tempura lobster, avocado, seaweed paper. Topped with sliced sirloin, teriyaki sauce, sweet chili sauce, sesame seeds. / 15.99
Arizona Roll * Spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail, tempura crunch, seaweed paper. Topped with avocado, eel sauce, spicy mayo. / 15.99
Sports Lover’s Roll * Jumbo lump crab, avocado, tempura crunch, soy paper. Topped with sliced tuna, spicy mayo. / 13.99
Out of Control * Spicy tuna, tempura crunch, seaweed paper. Topped with yellowtail, jalapeño, tobiko, white truffle oil. / 14.99
HQ Roll * Golden brown shrimp, HQ signature sauce, cucumber, seaweed paper. Topped with lobster salad, tobiko, spicy mayo. / 14.99
P83 Roll * Shrimp tempura, cucumber, spicy tuna, avocado, soy paper. Topped with lobster salad, tempura crunch, spicy mayo, tobiko. / 15.99
Hot Volcano * Salmon, avocado, tobiko, kani, seaweed paper. Deep fried and topped with cheese loaded kani, eel sauce, spicy mayo, tobiko. / 14.99
Sweet Lady * Shrimp tempura, mango, soy paper. Topped with spicy tuna, avocado, mango sweet chili sauce. / 14.99


9am – 1pm, Saturday & Sunday

East Coast Breakfast Burger *
8oz Angus burger, pork roll, bacon, cheddar cheese, sunny side up egg. / 12.99

Cinnabon Tower
Freshly baked cinnabon stuffed with pork roll, honey cinnamon icing syrup. / 8.99

Bacon Bacon Bacon
Thick cut crispy hickory smoked bacon, fried rosemary, maple bourbon syrup. / 8.99

S’mores Stacked Pancakes
Buttermilk pancakes, roasted marshmallows, milk chocolate, cinnamon graham crackers, maple syrup. / 8.99

Breakfast Pizza *
Handmade crust topped with pork roll, bacon, sunny side up eggs, mozzarella cheese, and ranch. / 12.99

Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast
Challah bread stuffed with a strawberry cheesecake filling, maple syrup. / 9.99

Pancake Hot Mess Sliders
Pancake medallions, pork roll, bacon, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, maple bourbon glaze. / 8.99

Breakfast Platter *
Three scrambled eggs, hickory smoked bacon or pork roll, crispy garlic potatoes. / 9.99

Vegetable Omelette *
Three eggs, onions, mushroom, asparagus, cheddar jack cheese, crispy garlic potatoes. / 9.99

Bacon Avocado Cheddar Omelette *
Crispy bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, crispy garlic potatoes. / 9.99

 * Denotes items that are served raw or undercooked, and contain (or may contain) raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk for foodborne illness.